Water damage can happen to your home in many ways. Your home may suffer storm damage, an undetected leak may cause interior damage, a detectable leak, burst pipes, sewer back-ups, bad water heaters, or flooding from an outside source can all cause severe water damage to your home.

A Quick Response Is Key To All Water Restoration Services

Time is always important when it comes to water damage. Water entering your home can cause damage. Water that is not removed quickly can cause extensive damage. Water entering your home causes more than a mess. It can cause structural damage and lead to mold growth if not properly removed.

Water can rot your drywall and cause damage to wood baseboards and the wood behind your walls. It can rot cupboards, ruin carpeting and destroy other types of flooring. If the water is not properly removed and dried, it can also lead to mold growth. Mold can cause physical damage to your home and cause respiratory problems for the people who live there.

If the water entering your home potentially has sewage, it is even more important to have it professionally removed. Raw sewage can bring bacteria and viruses into your home and cause significant damage to your floors, walls, and furnishings. It is crucial to have everything cleaned with the right types of cleaners and chemicals to protect your family and your home from sewage exposure.

Water Clean-Up Services From MWF Restoration

When you have a water damage or flooding event in your home, we do more than remove the visible water from your home. We will come in and make sure that your home has been dehumidifier so that the dampness is removed from the home. This will help prevent odors from occurring and stop mold growth.

We will clean your flooring and baseboards to ensure that all the water is removed. We will check your walls to ensure they have not been damaged. If the water entered the house through a roof leak, we will also check your ceilings. We will check any area where water may have come in contact.

If there was a large amount of water in the home, we will also check electrical sockets that may have been damaged from the water and all your appliances that came in contact with the flood water to ensure that they are safe to use.

Water Damage Can Happen At Any Time

Water damage can happen at any time. MWF Restoration understands that these problems do not happen on a schedule, so we are always available. Regardless of time or day, we are here to help you when disaster strikes.

We work with all insurance companies, so you never have to worry when you file a claim for damages. We can provide you with everything you need to file your claim, or we can even work directly with the insurance company if you desire.

Flooding events can be devastating. We understand. We have become a leading restoration service because of our rapid response to emergencies and outstanding customer care. If you have experienced water damage in your home, call MWF Restoration today.

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