Norridge is a small community located within the city of Chicago. It is an incorporated village and is distinct from Chicago. The area was first founded in the 1830s and contained many small farms. It was not officially called Norridge until 1948. Norridge holds the unique title of being the only community in the world with the name Norridge. It is believed that the name came from combining "Nor" from Norwood Park, one of its previous names, and "Ridge" from its sister city Park Ridge.

Residents in Norridge enjoy many amenities, including a large shopping area with many unique stores and dining experiences. The small community offers a suburban lifestyle with all the perks of living in a major city.

MWF Restoration Is The Preferred Restoration Service Of Norridge

MWF Restoration has built its reputation as a reliable, skilled company that provides superior customer service. These facts have led us to become Norridge's preferred restoration service for residents and business owners.

We are a licensed, insured, bonded, and certified company that serves Norridge, the Chicagoland area, and the entire state of Illinois. For many years we have dedicated our business to helping anyone who has had a fire, water damage, storm damage, or mold problem in their home or business.

Broken Pipes Cause More Than A Headache

Pipes can break for many reasons. Age, weather, and even heat from a fire can cause a pipe to burst, flooding your home and causing damage. Water damage must be handled immediately to prevent additional damage to your home and mold growth.

When you have a flooding event from a broken pipe, call the Norridge number one choice restoration company - MWF Restoration. We can help you restore your home and prevent mold growth from happening. We will make all the necessary repairs to your home, dry the house so that moisture is not lurking behind walls, and treat your home for mold, so you are protected.

Complete Fire Restoration Services Norridge

Your property will suffer from more than just the flames when fires happen. The water and chemicals used to put out the fire will cause damage to your property. Smoke will also cause damage to your property. To restore your property after a fire, all three issues must be addressed during the restoration process.

MWF Restoration will repair the physical damage to your Norridge home and restore it to its pre-fire condition. We will treat your home and belongings for smoke odor and clean your entire interior to remove the residue that smoke leaves behind. We will also dry your Norridge home and make repairs from the water damage. Drying your home will help you prevent mold growth.

We Are Always Available To Help - Call MWF Restoration

MWF Restoration is available 24/7/365. We know that when a disaster happens that a quick response is necessary to protect your home and your belongings. We will respond quickly to storm damage, fires, flooding, and mold issues - that is our guarantee.

MWF Restoration can work directly with your insurance company if you are making a claim or with you directly. We know that after these events homeowners just want things to go smoothly, and it is our goal to help make that happen. If you have been affected by a fire, flood, storm damage or mold growth, call MWF restoration today.

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