Fire damage is always a serious problem. Whether you had a small electrical fire that was quickly put out, or you suffered from a house fire, the problems that follow can be as upsetting as the fire itself.

MWF Restoration offers complete fire restoration services to our clients throughout the Chicagoland area and the entire state. We have the ability to manage all fire events and the damage they cause.

We will start with an evaluation of the damage. If the fire caused damage to major of the home, we will tarp the roof, cover windows and doors, and ensure that the property is secure. Once it is secured, we will begin to evaluate the damage.

We will begin by examining the structure of the house to ensure safety. Then, we will go through the house and begin the restoration and repairs. We will remove items that are not salvageable for immediate disposal, and we will begin to treat items that have been damaged.

Fire restoration is a complex project and often includes water and smoke damage. We will meticulously document all damage, the cause of the damage, and the treatment needed to repair or restore the item. We want you to know everything about the restoration process so you feel comfortable knowing your home and possessions are being cared for correctly.

A Brief Look At Our Fire Restoration Process

When we perform repair and restoration services for your home, we will do the following.

Evaluate the extent of the damage. If we need to secure the premises so further damage will not occur, we will tarp the roof and cover windows and doors.

We will check for structural damage. We want to make sure that the structure is safe before performing any work.

When it is determined the structure is safe, we will begin to evaluate all of the damage that may have occurred to the structure so that these repairs can be made first.

We will begin removing items that cannot be repaired or restored for disposal.

We will put air filtration units in the house to start cleaning the interior air from the smell of smoke and fire.

We will begin the cleaning and repair process. Every site in the house will be cleaned, from carpeting to curtains. We will wash and clean walls, ceilings, and flooring.

We will replace drywall, carpeting, and any other damaged item so that your home is clean and fresh when you return.

We will make sure that all the moisture has been removed from the home from the water used to put out the fire.

We will check for mold and treat it if necessary.

We will ensure that your property is pristine when we finish.

MWF Restoration Will Work Directly With Your Insurance Company

If you are making an insurance claim for your fire damage, we can manage the repairs and restoration part of your claim. We have staff dedicated to working directly with different insurance companies> this helps eliminate some of the stress that you are experiencing from the fire.

We will provide documentation to the insurance company regarding the damages and necessary repairs. You can have them pay us directly for our services if you choose. This streamlines the process and gives you less to worry about.

If you have experienced a fire in your home, call MWF Restoration services for the help you need today.

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