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The gentle sounds of a waterfall can be relaxing, but not when they are coming from inside your home. Water damage can happen for many reasons, and when it does, you need to call the Cook County water damage repair specialists very quickly. MWF Restoration offers full-service water damage response and repair for Cook County residents, and we are ready to respond any time of the day or night.

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Water damage can happen for many reasons. Perhaps you may have a storm damage, a pipe leak, or your kids allowed the bathtub to overflow. The reasons for the water damage are not as important as getting it cleaned up as quickly as possible. Water can do extensive damage to your home or office very quickly.

The most immediate damage is to things like ceiling tiles, drywall, plaster, and flooring. If the water is allowed to remain for even a few hours, it can damage structural components, like joists and subflooring. It can also cause a fire hazard if it comes into contact with damaged or exposed electrical wires. The longer water is allowed to remain the more damage it will cause, and the more it will cost to repair. It can also cause mold growth in only a short time. That is why calling for a Cook County water damage repair specialist as soon as possible is important. We can be reached at 224-249-5791 at any time.

Why Call a Local Water Damage Professional?

If the water damage seems to be small, you might be tempted to clean it up yourself, but there are many reasons why you should call a professional instead. Water damage can quickly ruin your appliances, flooring, carpeting, and structural components of the building. Even a small pipe leak can cause black mold growth in areas that are not accessed frequently in only a short time. If this happens, MWF Restoration also provides mold remediation services and can replace any components that need to be removed.

A standard home Shop Vac does not have as much power as professional ones do. Home models will not be able to extract the water as deeply from carpets and other components. Once the water has been extracted, we will use dehumidifiers to dry out the area and remove the water. Only when the area is completely dry will we begin the repair process.

The problem with trying to solve the problem yourself is that you might not have the equipment to remove the water completely. Any water that remains, even if you can no longer detect it, will cause mold and further damage. This could be more costly than calling a professional in the first place.

Emergency Water Damage Response Available 24/7

We know that water damage does not always happen at a time that is convenient for everyone, and that is why we have someone who can respond to your needs at any time. If you have storm damage in the middle of the night, we will come out and make sure everything is secure until we can get out to do a full clean-up. We will put up tarps, board up windows, and anything else you need to keep the damage from getting worse.

Flooding can be dangerous, and you should never enter a flooded area, such as a basement. Water and electricity do not mix and can cause a shock hazard even if the electrical wires are only damp. When you discover flooding in any area of your home, you should leave the area immediately and call a Cook County water damage repair specialist to clean it up safely. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance might pay for the rapid response and remediation services.

What We Do

Our process begins with an assessment of the situation and an inspection. Our team will get to work quickly to fix the problem that is causing the water damage in the first place. Once the problem is under control, we will begin repairing any damage that has occurred. Damaged items that cannot be repaired will be removed for disposal.

The repair process can involve replacement or repair of walls, ceilings, and floors. It can also mean deep cleaning or replacement or carpeting. The final step is replacing any finishes and painting the walls. Our goal is to leave your property in as close to the original condition as possible, so all you have to do is to enjoy the space and get back to the things you love.

If you need Cook County water damage repair, it is time to contact MWF Restoration as soon as possible, so our team professionals can get to you quickly, and you can get back to living your life.

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