When emergencies happen, it is important that you know what to do. Your response can have an impact on your safety and how much damage occurs to your home and property.

Fires - Smoke

If you see a fire or smoke coming from your home, exit the property immediately and contact 911. Emergency services will quickly respond to the situation. This is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.

If the fire is small enough to put out with a home extinguisher, put the fire out if possible. If it was an electrical fire, cut the breaker to the area. If you are not feeling secure about putting the fire out or turning off the breaker, call emergency services for help from the fire department.

If you see smoke without seeing the fire, call 911 immediately. Smoke is always a sign of fire, and just because you do not see flames does not mean that the fire does not exist. For your safety, call 911 and have them come and check out your home.


If the flooding is caused by a burst pipe or a water heater failure, you will want to cut off the water supply to your home. Your main water valve will stop the water flow and stop flooding.

If the flooding is coming from an outside source, it is important that you try to secure your family's safety first and then call for help for your home. Flood waters can be very powerful, and getting yourself and your family to safety is important.

If flooding occurs from a broken water main outside of your home, be especially careful. Some of the main pipes in your area may be sewer lines. Get your family to safety and then call for restoration services.

Your Safety First - Always

Catastrophic events can happen to anyone. The most important thing to remember is that you protect yourself and your family first. Call emergency services whenever in doubt, and leave any structure that may not be safe.

MWF Restoration Can Help In Your Time Of Need.

Whether you have suffered from a home fire or flooding event or your home has been damaged in a storm, MWF Restoration can help. We are a full-service restoration company that can repair and restore your home to pre-disaster condition.

We can complete all physical repairs to your home. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to complete construction repairs. We are also licensed to complete restoration services.

Our restoration services include fire clean-up, smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, flooding and leak restoration, and mold remediation. We will make all the necessary interior repairs, including replacing drywall, carpeting, ceilings, and other types of flooring. We also will dry out your home and check for mold growth.

MWF Restoration Services May Be Covered By Homeowner's Insurance

When your home has been damaged by fire, smoke, or water, you can make a claim against your homeowner's insurance to have your home repaired. Most insurance companies recommend that you work with a restoration company so that your home is restored to its pre-catastrophe condition.

We work with all insurance companies, so you never have to worry. We have dedicated staff members that work directly with insurers so that your claim processes are much easier. We can even manage our part of your claim if that gives you additional relief.

If you have experienced a fire, flood, or storm damage, do not hesitate to call MWF Restoration. We are available 24/7/365. We know that these events do not happen on a schedule, so we are always ready and available in your time of need.

To schedule a consultation, please call us at (224) 999-8889