Des Planes is a large suburb located north of Chicago right near O'Hare Airport. The community was first settled in 1835 and became a train stop shortly after settlers moved into the area. By 1869 the area was incorporated as DSes Planes, named after the nearby river.

Des Planes is perhaps most well known for being the birthplace of McDonald’s restaurant. The first McDonald's was built here in 1955. Residents of this area enjoy many amenities, including great shopping and dining areas and many outdoor spaces they can use for recreation. The city is also home to the River's Casino, which brings many visitors to the area.

MWF Restoration Proudly Serves Des Planes

MWF Restoration has served home and business owners in Des Plaines for many years. We are the go-to company for restoration services when a disaster happens. Our company is licensed, insured, bonded, and certified to perform restoration and remediation services. We proudly serve the Chicagoland area and the state of Illinois.

When A Fire Happens in Des Plaines - Call MWF Restoration

After a fire happens, your life becomes complicated. If not done correctly, the restoration process can lead to more damage, loss of personal items, and lingering odors. If you have experienced a fire, regardless of size, call MWF Restoration services. We will ensure that your property is returned to pre-fire condition.

When we restore a property after a fire, we do more than repair the physical damage. We also treat your home for water damage and smoke damage. We dry out your home to prevent mold growth and clean and sanitize every surface to remove smoke residue and odor.

Flooding Is A Comprehensive Problem in Des Plaines

When flooding happens in your home, more than the floors get wet. Your walls, baseboards, cabinetry, and carpeting, get wet. You have to take action quickly to prevent further damage from occurring and the onset of mold growth.

MWF Restoration will dry out your home so that mold and rotting will not occur behind your walls. We will repair all structural damage to your home, and we will treat for mold growth. When we are finished, you will know that your home is structurally sound and free from dangerous mold.

We Help With Storm Damage in Des Plaines and the Neighborhood

Storms can cause damage to your home without warning. MWF Restoration is available 24/7/365 to help you when your home has been damaged. We will come to your home and take the necessary steps to protect your house from further damage by tarping your roof or covering windows. Then we will assess the interior damage so we can quickly begin the restoration process.

We work with all insurance companies. We can work with your company directly if you prefer, or work with you for the repairs. We know that time is of the essence when your property has been damaged, so we are always ready to start the repair process.

Call MWF Restoration When Disaster Strikes

If your property has been damaged by a storm, fire, smoke, flooding, water damage, or mold growth, call MWF Restoration. Our qualified staff can quickly get your property restored to its pre-event condition. We are licensed contractors in Illinois and hold several special certifications, including mold remediation. Our job is to help you recover from any event that has damaged your home or business. When disaster strikes - call MWF Restoration.

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